Some days are super great. Everything goes as planned, or even better, and you switch seamlessly from work to home life while feeling amazing and on top of the world. Then there are other days. Days when you cannot find motivation. Days when your time is commanded by less-positive interactions and you are drained of your energy before the day has barely begun. Days when something important goes so wrong. Days when you just feel sorry for yourself and want to stay home and mope.

That’s why I’m writing this post today. After days (or weeks) where things haven’t gone quite right, it’s so important to reflect on the things that are going well. To reflect on the simple things that we can be thankful for. Here are 10 things I am thankful for.

10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality


This is always such an easy place to start for me. Having healthy, happy friends and family around me is all I need. After a major health scare about eight years ago, I count this first, as it is really the most important. If you have your health, the rest is so much easier.


While this one might not make everyone’s list, I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I do right now. To have complete control over my schedule, projects and ideas makes me truly happy right now. It’s hard work, but I still feel grateful everyday for the experiences I have had and will continue to have.


Moving from Austin, Texas to Flagstaff, Arizona brought so many (positive) changes to my life with Michael. We’ve made Flagstaff our home over the past 18 months and will continue to grow in this adorable town.


Which brings me to my next item on the list – while we’ve already moved to a new town together and have lived together for quite some time now, it’s pretty clear to see that Michael is a huge part of my life. He looks after me and puts a big smile on my face whenever I need him to. And that’s all I really need. A great hug, a shoulder to cry on, a confidant and a best friend.

10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality
10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality


The days that I need to cry, vent, laugh and share, I have a friend by my side almost immediately. They have supported me through education, career and various life choices and will always be there for me no matter what. Even when one of my besties is miles away, she will still be as close to me as she ever was. I thank fate, that I was given the chance to bump into the people that I now call my besties.


For the first time in a long time, I have an idea of where I’d like my life to lead. It is so difficult to know where your journey will take you and you often makes steps towards something you feel is right at that given time. But recently I’ve felt more settled, sure and excited about the roads ahead.


In both love and life, the people around me are happy and positive. We should never take these wonderful, happy moments in our lives for granted.


I had no idea that I would ever get to see so much of the United States and the world. I have been on so many fun road trips across the States with Michael already, and we have so many plans for the future. I love having the ability to bring this beautiful and interesting content to the table for y’all. If you can be inspired by somewhere I’ve been, something I have though while away, or by an item I have worn in a particular location, then my work is done.

10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality
10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality


I could not manage my day to day if it wasn’t for the growing team behind me. My friend joining me on my blog has been such a fun thing, but also so helpful to have another person on board with me. The two assistants I have for my jewelry brand and the shop I own make a world of difference in my life. And, my wonderfully supportive partner in life and in business, Michael, makes my world complete! I could not ask for a more encouraging, enthusiastic and supportive team. I feel on top of my game recently, and its down to the creative people standing my corner. That also includes friends and creatives who may help me along the way and keep me motivated.


Living in a society that offers me freedom to say the things I like, whenever I like, as long as they are of no harm to others is a gift. With the rise of social media, everyone has their own voice to project and be heard and everyone has the right to their own opinion, regardless of their sex, gender, skin color or life choices. But freedom to be the person I want to be, to go where I wish and to live the life I choose is a wonderful thing.

10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality
10 things i am thankful for - my gratitude list - how to be more thankful - no basis in reality

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  1. I adore this post, I love the positivity you are sharing here. So many things to be grateful for. 🙂

    Much love,
    Marianne x http://www.beautiful-in-essence.blogspot.com

    • meredith

      1 July

      Thanks Marianne!!

  2. Steal4Style

    29 June

    Your dress is gorgeous!! I love the colour!!

    • meredith

      1 July

      Thanks so much!

  3. Miki

    30 June

    Great dress. Inspirational posts like these are always good to see any day of the week. I always try to be thankful and when something tests my patience I try to remind myself of how fortunate I am to have my health, family, people I love, be safe, etc, and it keeps my frustrations under control for the most part. lol Until things happen in 3’s… by 3rd time I’m frustrated haha. Great post!


    • meredith

      1 July

      haha so true – after a few frustrating things it can be hard to keep positive!

  4. Jessica

    2 July

    This is a lovely post. It is always important to practice gratitude! Also, I love love your dress. That mustard is gorgeous on you 🙂

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  5. Such a lovely post! Always so nice and rewarding to pause and write down what you’re grateful for. Have to make a list like this my own! Xx


  6. Rina

    6 July

    Beautiful post babe. It’s so important to focus on what you’re thankful for. I’m still trying to improve my overall health as it took a turn last year due to overworking myself.

    Rina Samantha

  7. lewis

    17 July

    Great dress with Inspirational posts like these,which are always good to see .

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