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With a background in studio art and architecture, an award-winning jewelry line (Fool’s Gold) and a global audience, Meredith is the girl behind the fashion, art, design and lifestyle blog, No Basis In Reality.
Meredith established No Basis In Reality in early 2016 after a move from the design-oriented city of Austin, Texas to the quaint little town of Flagstaff, Arizona. It was a way for her to stay closely connected to the design and fashion communities. Covering a variety of topics including Fashion, Art, Design, Beauty, Lifestyle and Travel, No Basis In Reality aims to offer its readers the latest on the subjects they enjoy the most while tying these topics together into a unique website experience.
Even while studying for her M.A., she knew that she wanted to do something with fashion. Launching her own line of jewelry in 2011 made this desire even more apparent. Putting together photoshoots for new collections, sourcing materials and learning all of the intricacies of running an accessories line felt more natural to her than sitting behind a computer drawing architectural details.
As far as fashion, art and design goes – a juxtaposition of modern, minimal lines mixed with vintage elements makes up her wardrobe and lifestyle. Meredith loves a mix of designers, and wears a mix of high and low fashion. Her love for fashion, art, design, beauty and travel are all apparent within her writing, as she aims to create a hub for those who aspire and hope to be inspired.
Catch up with her latest studio vlogs, tutorials and travel vlogs over on her YouTube Channel, her newest styles and reviews right here, or see what she got up to today on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.