red tutu - bold skirt - july outfit - no basis in reality
red tutu - bold skirt - july outfit - no basis in reality

I am a total creature of habit. I love my daily routines, my set schedules, and always having a plan. Every once in a while it is really important to shake it up a little bit and do something different. Like go get dinner in a red tulle skirt. It has been tricky readjusting to going to work and school the last month. I don’t have as much free time, so I find it easy to get repetitive everyday. Switching up your daily regimen can shine new light on a source of distress. It can reenergize you and wake you up to help keep you motivated to do your best work. It is a great way to breath life back into anything that can start feeling stale.


My weekend get-away to Zion National Park was a great start, but I still found myself needing more small things to freshen up my day-to-day. So I decided to break out of my box, mix it up, and the first step was wearing this fun tutu and getting delicious pizza with Meredith.

The bright red skirt was a big step to getting out of my comfort zone and getting ready to make some changes. It was fun to get dressed up for no reason and it gave us an excuse to go out and enjoy a pizza on the patio of one of our favorite places, Mother Road Brewing Company. There are so many other little ways to add to each day too.


Take a Break

Use anytime you have to do something special. Take one day of the week to do something different on your lunch break (or any in-between time). You can go to a new restaurant, check out a museum, or go for a walk just to break up the day and get out and do something. I love to take little quick walks around my neighborhood to stretch out my legs. Every time I find a new dream house, pretty garden, or puppy worthy of petting. If you put something fun and a little different in the middle of your day it will make weekdays a bit less mundane. If getting out and about isn’t an option, taking 15 minutes to meditate, listen to some new music, or read something new are great ways to reenergize midday.


Change It Up

Take one day to change your schedule too. If you usually go to work at 8am try getting to work an hour earlier one day so you can have more time in the afternoon (if your job allows of course). Fridays are my day to go in earlier. This gets me moving on my last day of the work week and then my weekend starts a little earlier. I can really take advantage of my afternoon and do something rewarding after a full week.


Meet Someone New

Talk to one new person a day. This is huge. This could give you a new perspective or insight you didn’t know you were missing. It could even just make you laugh, and you could be doing the same for them. The red tutu was a great conversation starter, but it could be as easy as asking a new co-worker, or someone in line at the grocery store about their day.


A set routine can be great, but it is good to find ways to change it up! Starting with a fun outfit, like this red tulle skirt, is a great way to take the first step.


  1. Deborah

    7 July

    You look beautiful in that tulle skirt, not everyone can rock a red tutu skirt with so much easiness like you, that’s amazing. I also love your tips in this post, especially the ones in the Take a Break section. Taking at least 15 minutes off for ourself is something we all can realistically do and it will surely pay off, 🙂

    • Kierstan

      8 July

      Thanks girl! It’s so true and easy to forget! Gotta make sure to give ourselves a break — we all earn it 🙂

  2. I love the red skirt:)
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  3. Mercy

    8 July

    I love tulle skirts and this red one you’re wearing is really pretty. It’s a deep red colour and matches well with black top. Nice styling!!!

    • Kierstan

      8 July

      Thanks so much Mercy! It is so fun to wear a good statement piece! xo

  4. Rachel

    10 July

    The skirt is pretty awesome ! Lovely photos as always!

  5. Alyssa

    10 July

    I love tulle skirts, they make every outfit look pretty 🙂

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

  6. red and black is such a classic combination ….you look beautiful in this outfit…

    • Kierstan

      14 July

      Thanks girl! I love neutrals usually so the red was a big pop of color for me! But it was so fun! xo

  7. Shivangi

    14 July

    Your skirt is so cute! <3 <3 You look adorable! I am glad you wore it!! Have a nice day beautiful! 🙂

    • Kierstan

      14 July

      Thank you Shivangi! Love the sweet feedback 🙂

  8. Adela

    19 July

    So beautiful and stylish darling. Love the way you combine the skirt with a black top.


    • Kierstan

      20 July

      Thank ya so much! It was a fun chance to dress up! Xo

  9. Dealman

    11 August

    First of all thanks Kierstan
    Nice dress, love it, the pics are very beautiful.

    Dealman –

  10. vivellefashion

    5 September

    You look beautiful in that tulle skirt…a perfect color for this fall!


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