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two hour morning routine - take time in the morning for yourself - slow start to the day - no basis in reality


For so long – let’s not lie, this still happens, but I’m working on it – I would set my alarm to go off fifteen-thirty minutes before I absolutely HAD to be awake, snooze it until I should be on my way out the door, then furiously run around the house to get ready, make a quick breakfast, pack a lunch and be prepared for the rest of the day. I had no morning routine, let alone a two hour morning routine. It was chaotic and, not being a morning person, made me a grumpy, snappy, unpleasant person to be around for the first hour or two of my day. Not only was I physically not ready to start the workday, but mentally I was a wreck. With the two billion things that needed to get done each day (especially once I started my own business), my mind raced from one task to the next, much like I raced to get ready each morning.

About a month ago, I decided to take control of my mornings and experiment to see what would prepare my mind, body and soul for the upcoming tasks and important decisions each day brings. I believe now that the way you spend your morning will set the tone for your entire day. Before making this a priority, I would’ve never thought that anything more than downing some coffee, brushing my teeth and heading to the studio was worth my time before work!

two hour morning routine - take time in the morning for yourself - slow start to the day - no basis in reality

My only regret is that I’ve spent so much of my time this way. So many wasted mornings! Don’t talk yourself into the idea that ‘right now things are crazy and once they settle a bit, I’ll take care of myself.’ It doesn’t work that way. You have to take care of you right now.

Create a morning routine that works for you and make it a priority. So far I’ve found that I love a slow start to my day. I attempt to get out of bed two hours before I head to the studio. The house is quiet and I have the space to myself to hydrate, do a little yoga, eat breakfast, and plan out the important projects that need to happen that day. This is my morning, but everyone will be different. What matters is that you find whatever energizes you and makes you feel ready for the day. Once I started taking this time in the morning, my productivity, creativity and ability to handle stressful situations improved drastically.


Here’s a taste of my morning routine and a few tips for getting ready ::

8am My alarm goes off. I’m not a morning person still, and have accepted that I never will be, which is another reason this is such a crucial part of my life now. I don’t attempt to wake up earlier than this, and spend a solid two hours allowing myself to get out of the grogginess of sleep before I expect my brain and body to perform at my studio. Here are some cute morning essentials I wouldn’t mind waking up to use!

two hour morning routine - take time in the morning for yourself - slow start to the day - no basis in reality

1 / Alarm Clock / Arne Jacobsen / I love this minimalist clock. Originally designed in 1939, this small circular table clock not only looks good, it doubles as an alarm clock! For travel I recommend this super sleek Movado Travel Alarm Clock, and this black alarm clock is similar in style and shape to the Arne Jacobsen clock.

2 / Eye Mask / ALAS / Available in four different patterns, these eye masks from ALAS made from fabric that is GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. The prints and dyes are formaldehyde and AZO free, which is so important for something designed to be so close to your eyes.

3 / Nightie / ALAS / This is also from the brand ALAS. It’s made from a super soft cotton jersey fabric that is GOTS certified organic cotton, and has 5% elastane added for comfort and longevity. The dye is AZO and formaldehyde free. You can sleep tight knowing that your purchase is good for you and the environment!

4 / Fast Forward / El Ten Eleven / One of my favorite bands of all time is perfect for slowly waking up in the morning. It’s light, yet intricate, and provides a perfect two hour morning routine soundtrack.

5 / Slouchy Socks / Urban Outfitters / For those chilly, early mornings, these slouchy socks are key to first putting your feet on the cold floorboards. I also love this heathered grey pair, or these mauve-y soft purple socks.

6 / Tea Kettle / Martha Stewart / You could just microwave your hot water, but using a cute copper tea kettle is so much more elegant. This glass and copper tea kettle from Bodum is a cool modern version.

8:05 Easy yoga session. I do a 20-30 minute yoga routine that’s more about waking my body up and peacefully preparing for the day than it is about pushing my practice. At the end, I meditate for about 5-10 minutes. The meditation is still new to me. I hear that the world’s most successful people meditate, so I started doing this each morning, but I’m not sure that it’s for everyone.

two hour morning routine - take time in the morning for yourself - slow start to the day - no basis in reality

1 / Yoga Mat / Yeti Yoga / A cute yoga mat goes a long way in inspiring me to get up and do some yoga. The yoga mats by Yeti Yoga are all made in the US – a great bonus for channeling positivity during your yoga session!

2 / Hot Yoga Towel / La Vie Boheme / You likely won’t be doing hot yoga at home, unless your fortunate enough to have a room with a crazy hot heater, but depending on how hard my session is you can still find yourself slipping around on your mat. I love the design on this yoga towel, and it has an absorbent microfiber top and non-slip rubber bottom.

3 / Yoga Pant / Varley / These are the most unique yoga pants I’ve come across, without resorting to crazy patterns. The cut outs are actually super flattering, because they draw the eye inward at the widest point of your hips.

4 / Yoga Top / Varley / A little more about the brand behind these two items. Varley is designed in the UK, their fabrics are produced in Italy, and the products are made in Europe. Ethical activewear is such a great thing!

5 / Candle / Apothia / I love to light a candle in the morning while I get ready for the day. It feels so calming and therapeutic to have a beautiful scent drifting through the air. This one is silly expensive, but feels so luxurious to light.

6 / Yoga Bra / Onzie / If you’re really into those cut out leggings, then this bra top is the one for you! I don’t have any boobs, so these kinds of tops work for me. If you have large boobs, then maybe this is more cleavage than you’d want to show during your workout.

8:45 Hot water with a squeeze of lemon. Your body is so dehydrated after being asleep all night, and this is great for your skin and liver, so this is an important step in my morning routine. I follow this with a full glass of water and probiotics for good general health.

9:00 Makeup time. I’m a huge fan of minimal makeup during the workweek. I use concealer, a little bit of powder (for my oily skin) and a swipe of eyeliner then mascara – done!

two hour morning routine - take time in the morning for yourself - slow start to the day - no basis in reality

1 / Face Wash / philosophy / This is a change from my previous two hour morning routine post. I switched to the Purity Made Simple Face Wash about ten months ago and love it for mornings. I still use a gentle exfoliating wash every night (and in the morning if I skip washing my face at night, which happens).

2 / Face Serum / bareMinerals / I LOVE this stuff. I feel like I could just wash my face and put this on and I’d be glowing and gorgeous all day. It is amazing and I will use it until the end of time. I’ve been using it regularly for about ten months. It is super light, so it goes on as the first layer really well. It creates a nice base for everything else and I really feel like it makes me look so youthful and radiant on its own!

3 / Eye Cream / First Aid Beauty / If you’re looking for an eye cream for the daytime, look no further. This is perfect for applying under makeup, and I don’t feel like it makes my eye makeup slip around at all.

4 / Moisturizer / Shiseido / To be honest, when I first started using this as my daily moisturizer I broke out a ton. I have naturally oily skin and this seemed very heavy, too heavy. But, after using it for about 2-3 weeks, my face calmed down and I don’t get breakouts anymore. I love that it has SPF because I walk to work now, so I get that sun protection everyday without even thinking about it.

5 / BB Cream / bareMinerals / I’m not sure that this is technically a BB cream, but it does amazing things for my skin and has SPF. In addition to the SPF in my moisturizer, I’m set for the morning on sun protection.

6 / Powder / Mineral Fusion / Being super oily has its advantages (maybe), but a disadvantage is that I look so shiny just minutes after applying my makeup. I carry this around for touchups and just barely brush it over my face to control shine.

7 / Eyeliner / bareMinerals / The chunky size of this eyeliner gives me a bold line, and the waterproof aspect keeps it in place on those tough small business ownership days where I hide in the closet at work…

8 / Mascara / bareMinerals / Good mascara is a must. This goes on easily and looks great all day!

9:05 With my hair, I also go minimal and simple. I’m active at my studio throughout the day, so I like to keep my long hair out of the way of tools with a ponytail. I try to mix it up and have some ponytail inspiration always on hand

two hour morning routine - take time in the morning for yourself - slow start to the day - no basis in reality

9:15 Breakfast and coffee. I’m in love with my espresso machine! I searched for months before deciding on which espresso machine to buy and went with a Bodum almost purely because of looks. It makes great espresso, but it also looks amazing on my countertop. In the summer I make cold brew using the Bodum cold brew French press. Coffee is essential to my morning. While I eat breakfast, I generally look at my calendar for the week and decide my most important three tasks for the day. This way, as soon as I get to the studio, I know what needs to get done and can get started right away.

9:55 Head to the studio! I’m so fortunate in that I live so close to where I work. I look forward to going to the studio every day – I love what I do!

Hope this inspires you to create some sort of morning that fuels you for the day! What are some essential elements to your morning?


  • January 20, 2017

    What an awesome morning routine! I also enjoy doing yoga in the mornings to wake myself up. It helps me feel productive and gives me the energy I need to tackle the day! I really cherish my mornings as a way for me to chill out, because I just hate the feeling of being rushed!

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