No Basis In Reality is about all the interesting and special moments in life, which are so incredible that it’s hard to believe they are part of your reality. With our product selections in our Flagstaff clothing store and online store, we strive to provide our customers ways to bring these unique experiences into their homes and wardrobes. The look we love combines minimalism and modernism with street style and a southwest aesthetic, while providing essentials for fashion-forward, free-thinking girls.

We support being part of a socially and environmentally conscious market by placing emphasis on sourcing high quality pieces from vendors that adhere to positive environmental and animal cruelty-free standards.

Alongside the up-and-coming lines we curate, we make our own accessories – all designed and made by us in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. We use ethically and sustainably sourced materials in all of our products. Using mostly wood, recycled leather and brass, we create unique, yet timeless, designs that you’ll love forever.

Come visit us, shop our store and tour our workspace!

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