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LABRADORITE | with crafts + love

While I’m not one to subscribe to beliefs about the benefits of wearing stones and crystals, I do find it fun to read up on their meanings and magical powers. I recently got a gorgeous Labradorite necklace from Crafts + Love, which I love because of its dark grey color, so I wanted to explore this stone a little more in depth.

crafts and love - no basis in reality

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According to experts on the properties of healing stones, wearing Labradorite can ::

Calm an overactive mind

  • I find this element particularly appealing. I tend to be very scattered with my projects and ideas, always thinking of new products I’d like to design. It can be hard to focus on one thing at a time.


Energize the imagination

  • When I am feeling a mental block with design or marketing ideas for my brand, it’s nice to know that a stone can help with that!


Bring out the best in people

  • This is geared more toward workplace relations, but can probably be applied to your personal life. Labradorite encourages pleasant behavior, courtesy and full attention, which are all great qualities to exhibit in any relationship, working or personal


Help eliminate the emotional drain of daily routine and responsibility

  • I love this aspect of the stone’s qualities. I easily find myself bogged down mentally by daily tasks that have to get done.


Awaken a sense of adventure and change

  • Life can get stale and boring if you aren’t open to new experience and adventures. Put on some Labradorite, hop in the car, and go see something new!


Encourage contemplation and introspection

  • Introspection is the one area that I need no help with. I analyze and introspect too much, but maybe it promotes a more positive introspection? We’ll see.


crafts and love - no basis in reality

necklace | shirt (similar) | jeans (similar) | clutch (similar)bracelets

Whether you believe in stones and crystals healing properties or just appreciate them for their natural beauty, there is no mistaking that Labradorite makes a really beautiful natural element for your wardrobe or home. I love that this necklace from Crafts + Love goes with everything because of the color. I wear a lot of neutrals, but the pop of brass mixed with the stone keeps it from blending into the rest of my outfit.

crafts and love - no basis in reality

necklace | shirt (similar) | jeans (similar) | clutch (similar)bracelets

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